Brain injury attorney Jamie Holland has extensive experience advocating for the victims of TBIs and their families. Over the years, he’s worked with his skilled legal team to successfully recover millions of dollars in compensation.

Railroad Conductor Injured in Crossing Collision - $6.22 Million

A railroad conductor riding the leading edge of a train was pinched between the train and a dump truck when the truck driver failed to yield the right of way. This Tampa Conductor lost one leg and lost use of the other leg. (Last offer from the insurance company before trial was $250,000.)

Railroad Conductor Injured Shoulder Throwing a Railroad Switch - $2.2 Million

A Miami conductor was injured when the switch he was operating hung up during the course of switching. The jury found the railroad liable for violating numerous federal regulations of switch & track maintenance. An injured rotator cuff and torn labrum prevented his return to work on the railroad.

Vehicle Collision Case – $2.35 Million

Jamie Holland and his team achieved a $2.35 million verdict after 2 weeks of intense trial. This was a severe motor vehicle collision case and Forensic Video Law used a 2-camera video documentary to discredit the defenses medical expert.