Holland Law is dedicated to assisting the seriously injured through the difficult process in obtaining compensation in personal injury cases. You can trust Holland Law with your case and the significant details that are impacting your life.

Holland Law specializes in personal injury cases. Below is a brief overview of the legal areas our experienced team handles on a daily basis.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

TBIs are often caused by multi-vehicle crashes, hit-and-runs, and commercial truck collisions. However, they can also arise from slips and falls, violent acts, and workplace injuries. Regardless of their cause, TBIs usually lead to severe, life-changing symptoms such as speech changes, memory loss, concentration challenges, blurred vision, and seizures.

If you or a loved one is suffering from a TBI, Holland Law is an invaluable resource. Our highly skilled and experienced traumatic brain injury lawyers are here to tirelessly pursue the compensation you deserve.

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Catastrophic Train Injuries

Due to the massive size and weight of trains, most train injuries are either catastrophic or fatal. If you’ve experienced a train injury or lost a loved one as a result, our experienced train injury lawyers can help you uncover the facts and design a strong case that leads to maximum compensation. Trust our nearly 3 decades of experience to navigate you through the process and help you achieve a fair compensation and resolution.

Severe Vehicle Injuries

If you’ve been hurt in a vehicular crash, our personal injury team will fight for you and ensure that you have all the resources needed to investigate the underlying cause of the crash. We’re well-versed in regulations and know what it takes to protect your rights and will help you understand your options and guide you through the process.

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Marine & Boating Injuries

A marine mishap can quickly turn into a disaster. If you or a loved one has faced an injury on a deck, while working on a barge, in a shipyard, or during any marine or boating activities, Holland Law can provide skillful legal support.

Our personal injury lawyers are have extensive experience in maritime law and applicable acts such as the Jones Act, Death of the High Seas Act, and Limitation of Liability Act. With our team by your side, you’ll increase your chances of obtaining the compensation you need to get back on your feet.

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Personal Injury

Have you suffered an injury as a result of failure to protect, failure to notify, negligence or lack of professional training and support? Personal injury laws are designed to protect you from harm due to the negligence or recklessness of another party. In many cases, it isn’t if an accident is going to happen, but when.

If you’ve experienced a personal injury and wish to recover fair and full compensation for your damages, you can count on our skilled personal injury lawyers to file your claim and ensure your rights are protected.

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